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In addition, as part of services offered to immigrants, ICI offers personalized support free of charge for foreign workers within your company. Please inquire!

Immigrant Entrepreneurship
Always listening to immigrant families, and aiming to promote the full exercise of their citizenship, ICI collaborates in the development of various entrepreneurship projects presented by immigrants who wish to start a business. Depending on their talents and experiences in their professional careers in their countries of origin, ICI will refer to local economic organizations and accompany the person in his/her process of starting a business. Example: Retail, bakeries, restaurants, convenience stores, shops, schools of music, dance, or art, etc.

Services offered to businesses (chargeable services):
Focused on the integration and retention of immigrants, ICI provides personalized support tailored to the needs of businesses. ICI offers a variety of services that promote good practices in managing ethno-cultural diversity and that value not only recruitment but also the retention and loyalty of immigrant workers to the company. Among the services offered at a very competitive price, you will find:

  • Analysis of needs;
  • Workshops in the management of ethno-cultural diversity;
  • Selection and pre-screening immigrant candidates;
  • Adapted strategy to facilitate arrival and integration into the company;
  • Prevention and participation in resolving conflicts;
  • Interpreting service in several languages