Regional life project

Intégration communautaire des immigrants (ICI) is situated in a region where semi-urban living and rural living rub shoulders in natural harmony and beauty...

As everywhere else in Quebec, the local community is courteous, welcoming, and very dynamic. The cost of living is relatively affordable and certainly less expensive than in the major cities of Quebec and Canada. This rural and semi-urban environment is well diversified and rich in local services. With the following link, you can take a virtual tour the region's 19 small municipalities : https://mrcdesappalaches.virtuelle360.ca/  

The following links will give you a better idea of the region. You will find general information on surrounding municipalities as well as the city of Thetford:

For the sake of transparency, ICI considers it necessary to enlighten you about different aspects of the region that you need to know. All of the following information is inspired by the many questions received from prospective immigrants who have considere moving to this region. They question the quality of life and services in this type of environment because they fear they will end up in an underdeveloped region. Rest assured that moving to this region is a very good choice and remains, from the hundreds of testimonies collected, a positive transitioning experience recommended without hesitation.

This region of approximately 42,000 inhabitants and relatively far from major urban centers is, however, a region that has all the services essential to the socio-professional development of families. You will find in this beautiful living environment among others: daycare centers, schools and vocational training centers for adult education. The provision of educational services for children and adults is comparable to that of large centers.

Cultural, leisure, and sports activities are part of everyday life. Depending on the season, outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing are accessible for those who enjoy direct contact with nature.

In the picturesque local public markets, local produce is sold during the summer season and in autumn. The large chains of grocery and convenience stores are present throughout the area as well as other well-known stores and chains that are mainly located in two small shopping centers in Thetford which is the largest local agglomeration (small town of about 26,000 inhabitants). In other small villages, you will find commercial businesses on a smaller scale. In this region you will also find various places of worship, health services: a hospital, specialized clinics along with dental services and pharmacies. There are as well, branches and ATMs of large banks, a good variety of sports along with various leisure services, garages, and municipal services: roads, aqueduct, fire, police, etc. Sanitary services, sewers, drains and maintenance of public places, roads and others are services offered to the community during all seasons. Drinking water, plentiful in public, private homes, and buildings, flows through the faucets of bathrooms and kitchens. The water is very cold in Quebec. There are electric water heaters that allow you to lower the temperature of the water according to your tastes and needs.

The streets and roads of the region are accessible year-round despite a few exceptions in winter. Those exceptions are confined in small rural roads where traffic is really local or very minimal and not necessary during this season. Although public transit does not exist, there is a taxi-bus service limited to the areas that make up the city of Thetford Mines. Even if you don't have to have a car to move about in this area, ICI strongly recommends buying a car as it is relatively easy and accessible. Getting a driver's license depends on your experience, the license issued by your country of origin, etc. Bring your updated driver's license with you when you leave your country. Be aware that at any time you can take a paid driving course and receive your temporary driver's license. You will only receive your permanent license after one year of responsible driving in Quebec. Of course, planning to buy a car will give you more autonomy and freedom. Driving will also allow you to enjoy the natural parks and will expand your goings and comings for pleasure and work.

The local labor market does not always require university degrees. However, new opportunities are opening up for people who are determined to reorient themselves professionally and succeed in different professions that are in demand in the region. Technicians, tradesmen, agricultural workers, skilled and unskilled production workers, welders, mechanics, and electro-mechanics, are among the workers most in demand. Here are two government links, for both Canada and Quebec that can help you find a job in the region:


This rural aspect of the environment is really well preserved while, at the same time, well developed and modern. This urban Quebec countryside responds well to the needs of today's families who want a safe and quiet place to raise their children, build a better future, and succeed in their socio-economic integration. For the well-being of the families who choose this area for their new home, a wide range of services as well as tourist attractions is available. 

Telecommunication services that are available everywhere are: telephone, low and high-speed Internet, as well as cable and satellite TV services. If you want to follow the local and regional news to complete your research, satisfy your curiosity, and fuel your reflection on your installation in this region, the local media will give you a good overview of the local society and services: Radio stations: https://plaisir1055.com/ and https://0973.ca/,; community television: https://tvcra.com/;  the two local newspapers: https://www.courrierfrontenac.qc.ca/ and https://lecantonnier.com.

We look forward to welcoming you into our community - Serving you is our mission!