Who we are

Intégration communautaire des immigrants (ICI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating the integration of immigrants into their host society so that they can take their place as full citizens, with all the responsibilities and benefits that this may entail.

A bit of history

Intégration communautaire des immigrants (ICI) is a non-profit organization, which was founded in 2003 by Eva Lopez, the organization's director since its inception. In 1993, Ms Lopez developed, free of charge, an offer of services in regionalization of immigration. She wanted to meet the needs of immigrants she encountered by facilitating their entry into the labor market and, in so doing, meeting the needs of a few businesses in the region. At the time, this innovative and unique initiative made her a pioneer in Quebec in this field. In 2003, after ten years of total dedication and always on a volunteer basis, ICI came into being and Ms Lopez was invited to share her expertise throughout Quebec. In so doing, ICI made a concrete contribution to the regionalization of immigration in the greater Chaudière-Appalachian region.

Three specific reasons for the existence of ICI:

First, is to meet the dire needs of immigrants already settled in the area by giving them the tools they need to become full-fledged citizens, i.e.: French-speaking courses and job preparation.

Second, is to raise awareness by preparing and working together to welcome and adequately accompany new immigrant families who choose to make the region their home. And, in so doing, facilitate their sustainable and responsible settlement and socio-economic integration into Quebec society outside of major cities.

Third, is to contribute positively to this healthy and promising form of "new colonization" that contributes concretely to the development of the region through the regionalization of a skilled and diverse immigrant workforce, and thereby removes immigrant families from exclusion and precariousness.

Essentially, what is this organization?
ICl is the result of careful planning and consulting with first, the two most important players in the regional immigration process: the immigrant and the employer. The following partners are subsequently added to the process: educational institutions, homeowners, the community, and of course, the host society in general.

ICl sees itself as a reliable and responsible partner, which contributes to maintaining local services by developing the regionalization of the immigrant workforce in the area, in a framework of solidarity and respect towards the cultural communities that have entrusted it with their immigration and integration into the region.

ICI is proud to recognize the economic contribution of immigrant families who have settled in this area thanks to the organization's efforts. Their overall revenues represent millions of dollars in economic benefits for the region ((purchase of goods and services).

ICI is the effort of hundreds of immigrant families who are actively working to better integrate into and participate in their host society. ICI is the generous contribution of volunteers who give their time, expertise, and generosity to the service of this noble cause that is “immigration”. ICI is also the hard work of the teams of employees who have been able to adhere to the mission, by adopting it and loving it, in order to be able to achieve the organization's goals to benefit cultural communities, and to do it with gusto!

Intégration communautaire des immigrants (ICI) will continue to write this page of regional history that promotes the inclusion and civic participation of immigrant families. These families are aware of the privilege they have of living in Quebec, and of contributing to maintaining the local economy as well as contributing to the social and cultural evolution of the Appalachian region. Families who have settled in the region are happy to have chosen the Thetford area to fulfill their life plans as full citizens.

The organization focuses on recruitment, hospitality, integration into businesses and society, and the sustainable and responsible settlement of immigrant families without racial, religious or social discrimination.


  • A great sense of belonging to the region.
  • Respect and solidarity for our customers.
  • Discretion, confidentiality, honesty.
  • Transparency in all our files.


  • To raise awareness among ethno-cultural communities about the importance of active participation in the socio-economic development of the region; and to highlight the importance of dynamic, peaceful integration that respects the values of the host society through volunteering and other community activities.
  • To raise awareness among businesses about the hiring and retention of immigrants, highlighting the important contribution of competent and professionally integrated immigrants.
  • To raise awareness among the host community about the richness and importance of the socio-economic and cultural contribution that represents ethno-cultural diversity for the region.
  • To promote the establishment and sense of belonging of immigrant families in the region.
  • To encourage relationships and reciprocal ethno-cultural sharing between the host and ethno-cultural communities in order to increase and consolidate harmony and social cohesion.