Our Team

ICI offers a wide range of personalized services to be able to effectively meet the needs and interests of immigrant families. To this end, ICI relies on the resources of a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds. This dynamic and available team of professionals will welcome you in a warm and friendly environment, and will offer you a personalized service. Our team is committed to the well-being of the cultural communities with whom they actively work, in order to facilitate all the necessary steps for a healthy, socio-professional integration within the framework of an expertise of different languages and customs. The ICI team clearly reflects the communities it serves.

Because of their professionalism and their career paths, these specialists in the field of regional immigration are able to gain the trust of immigrant families very quickly. The different specialized areas of the workers allow them to analyze the needs of immigrants and their families, thereby facilitating a quick and effective response to the personalized action plan created in close collaboration with the beneficiaries of the services.