Immigrant families - Serving you is our mission!

We are a team of regional immigration specialists working to serve immigrants and their families.

As part of its specialized practices in managing ethno-cultural diversity in the region, Intégration communautaire des immigrants (ICI) has, since 1993, offered a holistic approach of taking into account the immigrant person as a whole. ICI thereby provides each immigrant with high-level personalized support, and is able to respond concretely and quickly to individual needs as well as the needs of families.

The services offered by ICI are aimed at clients who, already settled in Canada, Quebec, or elsewhere in the world, hold an ID issued by the Canadian and/or Quebec Government: permanent residents (categories: economics, sponsorship, second-destination refugees, accepted asylum seekers), temporary foreign workers, foreign students and anyone with any other eligible immigration documents. Please inquire!

Asylum seekers: persons eligible for the housing search service and part-time French courses. Because ICI is concerned about human's well-being, other services can be offered. Please inquire!

People who are leaving for Canada: Have you received an identification number from the Canadian or Quebec Government? Are you looking for a place to settle? If so, you are invited to contact ICI for more information. Our services may be of interest to you!

Please note: Immigration documents are required in order to receive our services. 

All services are subsidized and are offered free of charge. It is thanks to the contribution of the Quebec government and the financial support of others who partner with our organization that these services are possible.

The regionalization of immigration

The regionalization of immigration provides access to the exploration of different professional fields and other opportunities. It allows immigrants to live in Quebec society in a welcoming and friendly context.

Regionalizing, for families, also means integration into a safe living environment and giving them the opportunity to have relatively easy access to being property owners. Moving to the area also means adopting a pleasant and suitable lifestyle for those who like small rural areas or want to discover them.

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